How do I know when my order ships?

We'll email you a notification as soon as the product ships.

When will my order arrive?

Once you have received a shipping confirmation mail, typical shipping times are 3-6 days for UK,US and Canada, 5-10 days for the EU and, 5-15 days for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery times. Please wait 14 days beyond our estimated delivery times before contacting us if your item has not been received.

I am a dealer/OEM and would like to buy your products.  Who should I contact?

Currently we are only selling consumer direct and to dealers and are not looking for distributors at this point but we will keep you in mind for the future.  If you are interested let us know at info@oneupcomponents.com and we will keep you on file if things change.

Where is OneUp based?

We're a North American company, based in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. 

Where are your products manufactured?

Designed in Squamish, made in Taiwan.




I'm having trouble getting my system tuned can you help?

Certainly, please be sure to carefully read our installation instructions first.  If you are still having trouble e-mail support@oneupcomponents.com for further assistance.

Will this sprocket chew up my freehub body?

No our 40T/42T sprockets will not chew up your freehub body.  They have similar engagement as an XX1 cassette.

Will this work with a 9SP cassette, chain or RD?

No, it is not compatible with 9 speed systems.

Will this work with an 11SP cassette, chain or RD?

No, it is not compatible with 11 speed systems.

Can I choose to replace a different sprocket on the Cassette?

You can take out any loose cog you want with the exception of the 11T and 13T (because they interact together).  We recommend the 17T for 2 reasons:- It exists as a loose cog on all approved cassettes- Its removal results in the lowest percentage jump between adjacent gears.


FAQ - RAD Cage 

The clutch spring mechanism fell out, how does this go back together?

See full Shimano dealer tech manual with full breakdown

Do I have to remove the RD from my bicycle to install the RAD cage?

No, you can follow all the steps in our video while keeping the RD on your bicycle, you may want to loosen it from the derailleur hanger.

Will I need to adjust my chain length after I install the RAD cage?

No there is no need to adjust your chain length beyond the normal setup required with a wide range cassette sprocket.

Is the RAD cage compatible with other manufacturer's wide range cassette adapter sprocket?

Yes this will improve the shifting performance with any wide range cassette system using a Shimano RD.

Will you make a SRAM version?

No, SRAM's RD has a radially appositioned derailleur pulley wheel so there is no need to further offset it. 

I've lost my B-screw washer will this still work?

Yes, the washer is not essential for the cage to work properly, we recommend adding some blue loctite to prevent loosening.

I have a Shimano Shadow+ long cage (SGS) is the OneUp RAD cage compatible.

Yes - but you will need to buy a Shimano GS inner cage as well.  The Shimano part numbers are Y5XC09000 (XTR), Y5XC09100 (XT, SLX) or Y50H09000 (Deore)  - Inner Plate (GS-Type).  They are available at several online retailers.

NOTE: Any of the three part numbers above are functionally interchangeable there however there may be material or small aesthetic differences.

I have a Shimano Shadow+ Short cage (Zee or Saint) is the OneUp RAD cage compatible.

Both Saint (RD-M820) and Zee (RD-M640) can be converted to use the RAD cage with the Shimano inner cages mentioned above. In both cases the XT spring mounting hole on the RAD cage will be used.  

I'm not sure if I have a GS or an SGS cage

The pulley-pulley length of a GS cage is about 80mm, an SGS is about 95mm.