Things You Will Need

  • OneUp EDC Pump: 100cc-1C0317 / 70cc-1C0400
  • EDC Pump Seal/O-Ring Cap Kit SP1C0021
  • Pick tool/O-ring puller
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Grease
  • Two hands
  • 8mm Hex key (Included in the EDC multi tool)
  • Pump services usually require beer. Your call though.


Service Time:  15 minutes         Difficulty: Easy 

We recommend that you read the Exploded view descriptions & ALL steps of the service instructions before you begin.


Assess all components for damage, dirt, wear

  1. Remove EDC tool or Handle Cap (7)  from Handle (6) of pump .

  2. With an 8mm Hex/Allen Key or by hand, unthread Inflator Assembly (13) from Valve cap (3).

  3. With one hand, hold the Outer Body (4) of the pump. With your other hand, Turn Valve Cap (3) counter- clockwise until it unthreads from Outer Body (4).

  4. Extend the pump and with one hand hold the Piston Tube (1). Grab Handle (6) with your other hand and turn it counter-clockwise until Handle unthreads from the Piston Tube. 

  5. Remove O-ring (10B).This O-ring will be replaced during reassembly.

  6. Push Piston Tube (1) out the pump head side of the Outer Body (4).

  7. Clean any girt,dirt or old grease from pump components.

Disassembly is now complete.


Be careful with your pick tool! damaging O-ring seats can cause seal failure

Lightly Grease all new O-rings before installation


  1. Using a pick tool, carefully remove the outer O-ring (17).Replace with corresponding, lightly greased O-ring from Seal kit (SP1C0021). 

  2. Using your needle nose pliers unthread Inline Check (9) from Valve Cap (3). You can now replace the Check Valve Seal (11). DO NOT GREASE CHECK VALVE SEAL. 

TIP: Place new (clean) seal into the Inline Check and thread it back into the Valve Cap while holding the whole unit upright. This will help keep the seal in the correct position. 

  1. To replace the seal plug (15) , lightly stretch it over the Valve Cap and replace with a new one from the Seal kit.

  2. Set Valve Cap aside until reassembly.


  1. Using your pick tool, carefully remove O-ring (10A). Replace with the new, lightly greased O-ring from Seal kit.

  2. Please note that O-ring (10B) will be reinstalled during reassembly. Have the new O-ring (10B) lightly greased and set aside with the Piston Tube (1).

You are now ready for reassembly.


  1. Ensure that the O-ring 10A is adequately greased. Thread side first, slide the Piston Tube (1) back into the Outer Tube (4) until it bottoms out on Rear Ram Bushing (5).

  2. Replace Handle Seal (8) on the Outer Tube (4) with a new one in the Seal kit.

  3. Slide O-ring (10B) just past the threads of Piston Tube (1).

  4. While holding the Piston Tube (1) with one hand, thread the handle onto the Piston Tube with your other hand until tight. Take care with starting the threads to avoid cross threading.

  5. While holding the Outer Body (4) with one hand, thread the Valve Cap (3) into the Outer Body until tight. Take care with starting the threads to avoid cross threading.

  6. By hand, thread the Inflator Assembly (13) back into the Valve Cap (3).

  7. Insert Handle cap or EDC tool.

  8. Test pump for proper function before putting it on your bike or in your kit!


You have successfully serviced your pump. 

Please enjoy your beer responsibly.

If you are still having trouble please email us at support@oneupcomponents.com for help. Please include a detailed description of your issue, photos are often helpful.